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2019 - Lives and works in Brussels
1986 - Born in Rennes, France

Selected solo Exhibitions

2018 - Intended Earshot, Coherent at The Others Art Fair, Turin (IT)
2018 - Potentiality of Ten, L21, Palma (SP)
2015 - One to Nine, Episode 4, Stems, Bruxelles (BE)

Selected group and duo exhibition

2019 - Revoir encore un été, curated by Shivers Only, l'Echo des vagues, Vendée (FR)
2019 - Lockers Vol.3, curated by Diego Diez & Borja Llobregat, Bozar, Brussels (BE)
2019 - I'm trying to explain, L21, Palma (SP)
2019 - Arco Art Fair, L21, Madrid (SP)
2019 - Neighbours Vol.8, Artist collections, curated by Manor Grunewald, RIOT, Ghent (BE)
2018 - VI Premi Vila Santanyí Francisco Bernareggi at Casa de Cultura Ses Cases Noves, Palma (SP)
2018 - L'Économie des apostrophes, invited by Béatrice Balcou, curated by Julie Pellegrin, La Ferme du Buisson, Noisiel (FR)
2018 - Copies, curated by Théophile Calot, Eric Mouchet, Paris (FR)
2018 - Black Garden, L21, Palma (SP)
2018 - Process time, Musée de l'Histoire du fer, curated by Vincent Verlé, Nancy (FR)
2018 - A brief introduction to physiological anthropology, curated by Maxime Souvent, Coherent, Brussels (BE)
2018 - On Materiality, curated by Joachim Coucke, Dash, Courtrai (BE)
2018 - Arco Art Fair, L21, Madrid (SP)
2017 - Code Art Fair, with Zach Bruder, Monteverita, Copenhagen (DA)
2017 - 20 cm from the ground, L21, Palma (SP)
2017 - La Norme Idéale, Levy Delval, Brussels (BE)
2017 - Re-Art2, curated by Julie Senden, Zaventem (BE)
2017 - 62e Salon de Montrouge, curated by Ami Barak, Beffroi, Centre culturel, Montrouge (FR)
2017 - Abookaspacea, curated by Théophile Calot, Chapelle du Haut Quartier, Sète (FR)
2016 - What about the color pink? Do you like pink?, Geukens & De Vil, Knokke-Het Zoute (BE)
2016 - F/F, curated by Théophile Calot, Néon gallery, Lyon (FR)
2016 - Sunday Art Fair, with Matt Connolly, Stems, London (UK)
2016 - Point of view, curated by Théophile Calot, Kunsthal Charlottenborg, Copenhagen (DA)
2015 - Friendly Faces, curated by Middlemarch, Johannes Vogt, New York City (US)
2015 - Forme e Anti forme, curated by Hans M. De Wolf, Fonderia Artistica Battaglia, Milan (IT)
2015 - Family Matters, De la charge, Bruxelles (BE)
2014 - Midway through the journey, neither here nor there, curated by Thomas Caron and Ward Heirwegh, BORG, Hal, Anvers (BE)
2014 - And He Built A Crooked House, curated by Sungpil Yoon, 221A, Vancouver (CA)
2014 - The Stanley parable, Levy Delval, Bruxelles (BE)
2014 - Things to unfold, Préface, Paris (FR)
2013 - Tome 3, Préface, Paris (FR)
2011 - Addition, Delko, Rennes (FR)


2019 - CCA Andratx, Palma (SP)
2019 - Hangar, Centro de Investigação Artística, Lisbon (PT)
2019 - Aldea & Christinegård Villa, invited by Curatron, Bergen (NO)
2018 - Curatorial & Artist Residency Program, L21, Palma (SP)
2014 - Dar Al-Ma'mûn, Marrakech (MA)
2012 - Laras (Research Laboratory in the field of Arts and Sciences), Bruxelles (BE)


2018 - Selected for VI Premi Vila Santanyí Francisco Bernareggi at Casa de Cultura Ses Cases Noves, Palma (SP)
2015 - Bronze medal, Stiftung Buchkunst, Best Book Design from all over the World for Elements, Horizontal structure, 01, Leipzig (DE)
2013 - Prix Fernand Baudin 2013 for Elements, Horizontal structure, 01, Brussels (BE)


2014 - Elements, Random notes, 02, Théophile’s Papers
2014 - Lignes courbes 24 (1-8), Bunk Edition
2014 - Verre Tasse Bol , Publication Dieudonné Cartier
2013 - Elements, Horizontal structure, 01, Théophile’s Papers

Selected publications

2019 - Dateagle Art, DM Interview by Vanessa Murrell and Martin Mayorga (UK)
2018 - TGR Tv, Intended Earshot at The Others Art Fair curated by Coherent (IT)
2018 - Jegens & Tevens, Intended Earshot curated by Coherent, writer Sanne Luteijn (IT)
2018 - La Stampa, Intended Earshot curated by Coherent, writer Elisa Cassissa (IT)
2018 - AD magazine, Copies at Eric Mouchet, writer Oscar Duboÿ (FR)
2018 - Art Viewer, Potentiality of Ten at L21, Palma (SP)
2018 - ABC Cultural, Potentiality of Ten at L21, writer Fernando Gómez Delacuesta, Palma (SP)
2018 - Residencias L21 x Fundación Camper, Neo2, writer Rubén Manrique, Palma (SP)
2018 - Art Viewer, On Materiality, DASH
2017 - This is Belgium, The Word, Bruxelles (BE)
2017 - Art Viewer, 20 cm from the ground, L21
2016 - 5 Artists to Watch at the Sunday Art Fair 2016, Artspace, writer Andrew M. Goldstein, London (UK)
2016 - Villas, N°92, writer Barbara Cornez, Belgique (BE)
2016 - Portfolio, Mouvement N°81
2015 - Forme e Anti Forme, Vrije Universiteit Brussel, writer Hans M. De Wolf (VUB)
2015 - Volumes A — E, Open Books London, Second Edition, writer Charlotte Cheetham and Sophie Demay, Hato Press
2015 - The Word, Edition Avril - Mai, Bruxelles (BE)
2012 - Résidence, L.A.R.A.S. Research Laboratory in the field of Arts and Sciences (BE)
2011 - Artifacts, Selection of collection N°004, Publication Dieudonné Cartier


2010 - MFA - DNSEP, EESAB, Rennes (FR)
2007 - DNAP, EESAB, Rennes (FR)


Fundación Camper, Palma (SP)
FdG Projects, Brussels (BE)
Various private collections